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Upholstery Cleaning

We can clean both standard and leather upholstery for your home and vehicle.

For standard upholstery & mattresses:

  1. Vacuum your upholstery and making sure to get up things like pet hair.
  2. Pre-spray the upholstery.
  3. Scrub the furniture and making sure to work on any spots.
  4. Rinse and extract soil with our upholstery machine.

Note: It will take 4-6 hours for your upholstery to dry.

For additional protection, upon request we can apply our upholstery protector. This protector will put a barrier between the upholstery fibers and the dirt and grime. This barrier will help prevent stains and protect the fibers of the upholstery. The protector will last about a year depending on how often the furniture is used. Protector is not needed for mattresses.

For allergy suffers, we also have an allergy treatment that can be applied to your upholstery and mattresses. Our treatment will help you feel more comfortable in your home. Call us at 678-615-5848 for more details.

For leather upholstery:

We have a PH balanced leather cleaner that cleans and conditions your leather upholstery. You can reach out to us at 678-615-5848 for more details.